"Tips and tricks for setting up activities for young people with special needs".

This webinar will provide you with practical tips and tricks that you can use to support young people with special needs in your work. Whether you’re a teacher, a coach, a youth worker or a volunteer anyone else working with young adults, you’ll find valuable information that will help you make a positive impact.

Introduction to UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

The purpose of this webinar, presented by Cemile Elif Serbest and Bahar Yavuz from Turkey, is to give basic information and an overall idea on the UNCRP which is the first international, legally binding instrument setting minimum standards for rights of people with disabilities.

Breaking down stereotypes on people with disabilities

The purpose of this webinar, presented by Aljoša Škaper and Luka Plavčak, from Slovenia, is breaking down stereotypes on common misconceptions on disabilities and people with disabilities.


Exploring deaf culture with Spela and Tina

In this video, we have a fascinating conversation with Spelca and Tina, two deaf girls from Slovenia, about deaf culture. From how deaf people from different countries communicate with each other using international sign language, to how the language has evolved over time, and the difficulties they face in their daily lives. Spelca and Tina share their personal experiences and views on life as Deaf people, as well as delve into the cultural aspects of the Deaf community. You will learn about the history of international sign language and how it has adapted to different cultures and contexts. In addition, we explore the challenges that deaf people face in society and how we can work together to create a more inclusive and accessible world for all. This video is a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate Deaf culture from an authentic and personal perspective. Don’t miss this inspiring and educational conversation with Spelca and Tina!

Risk Management

This webinar, presented by Ronald Keersmaekers focuses on the principles of risk management in mixed group activities. The four principles are to identify participants, create a plan to reduce or eliminate potential risks, create a plan to respond to potential risks, and monitor the activity to ensure that the risk management plan is effective.


What does it mean to travel? the world to some travellers with special needs

This video is create under the project Paths to Inclusion funded by the program E+. Path to inclusion create a platform with the purpose to make awere people about inclusion on youth groups, to promote mixed ability youth activities. With this video we would like to share amazing travellers with disabilities who have proven travelling is possible and it’s a very rewarding experience for all. For more information visit www inclusionplatform.eu

How To Setup a trip for visually impaired

This webinar wants to give input, suggestions, recommendation, to all youth workers who would like organize a trip, an excursion with some participant visually impaired.

How to Describe visual things to visually impaired people

A webinar to help social workers to describe things to visually impaired people. Some tips, suggestions and input to help who is approaching to work with visually impaired people.