Training Course

Training course

Some days in san felice circeo (italy)

The project does also include a presencial training course, appart of the webinars from the platform, where participants will discover how is it possible to integrate young people or youth workers with a disability into projects/organizations and how to use and adapt methodologies for these specific projects. Through this project we aim to create an inclusive toolkit for both youth workers and participants having or working with special needs. A methodology to create activities that are not only for people with disabilities, or only for people without disabilities. But activities designed by/for both communities. 

The aims of the Training Course:

  • To equip youth workers with a set of skills, methods and activities on working with mixed abilities groups to be replicated both in their communities as well as in other international youth events.
  • To work on inclusive attitudes, boosting up the intercultural communication, respecting the rights to tailoring up the programme so that it would fit to all the learning needs as well as ensuring a physical space that would be accessible for everyone.
  • To pilot an innovative set of methodologies when working with a mixed abilities group.

The outcomes from the Training Course

To develop a better understanding of disability and spread disability-friendly concept;
To improve the interaction between youth workers with different abilities;
To promote equality and social inclusion in Erasmus+ programme to learn how;
To design and implement inclusive youth activities;
To gain new skills and methodology;
To work with mixed ability groups.