On this page you can find a complete manual on activities for multi-capacity groups. In addition, you can download the complete manual as well as the chapters with the activities in PDF format. Each activity has several adaptations.

What is it?

It’s basically an online package of accessible information, tools and methods on how to work with young people with disabilities, a go-to address for youth workers, leaders, trainers or facilitators who would like to get to know deeper on how to be inclusive while working with mixed ability groups
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Why do we need such a tool?

Lack of knowledge, competences and courage among youth workers in working with participants with special needs blocks the participation of this particular target group in non-formal based activities and mobility activities. Also there are not enough easy to reach, open resources (guidelines, toolkits, adapted methodologies..etc).

What do we aim to do?

We will create an “AccessAbility Toolbox” containing practical tools to develop the social and emotional competencies of youth workers willing to work with young people with special needs. It will focus on activities for improving attitudes of this target group about themselves and the others, increase prosocial behavior, attaining lower levels of behavioral problems and emotional distress, and improve social performance.