Miranda and Aljosa Skaper. They are a couple. He wears dreadlocks in his hair and is in a wheelchair. She is standing on the right, wearing straight hair and glasses.
Aljosa Skaper and Miranda Skaper

Exploring Slovenia with Dostopnost is easier if you have accessibility needs. Dostopnost d.o.o. is a company established in 2015 with aim to bring information about accessibility of Slovenian public places to wheelchair users that live in Slovenia or travel to Slovenia. In addition to this, we want to bring awareness to public, media and government about accessibility issues we have in country and importance of respecting equal rights of people with disabilities through different projects and media. Company was built due to personal experience of the owner, who suffered a spinal cord injury and therefore is personally committed and invested to help better our lives in community we all live in.

Projects we are involved in focus on improving lives of wheelchair users by providing them information that is essential for them to freely move around and manage their lives in places they live or travel to. 

We are collaborating on different projects to improve accessibility in Slovenia since 2015. And through our 6-year journey, we have gained many valuable experience that have enabled us to launch our own successful digital platforms, web site and mobile app Ljubljana by Wheelchair.


Is the first and only Slovenian online directory intended for people with walking disabilities (wheelchair users, parents with strollers and elders). Directory covers various accessible locations in Slovenia and enables searching for companies or organisations by region, city or activity. If a person is interested in finding close-by accessible toilets, places to eat, holiday resorts and more, this can be easily done with our search engine of nearly 2000 locations.  In order to save time, money and effort, we collect locations of various accessible places with goal to collect as many suitable locations as possible and spare users the eternal question: “Where can they go?” Our goal is that websites like this would not be required anymore. Information for users and registered partners is free. 

Ljubljana by wheelchair

The Ljubljana by wheelchair mobile app has been developed to assist the wheelchair community, parents with strollers and seniors traveling to Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. It is aimed at local and international tourists with mobile disabilities. The app has been created in a way that meets the needs of wheelchair tourists by being user-friendly and easy to use, and allows an easy search for relevant tourist information about Ljubljana for a wheelchair user. It also has information such as accessible public toilets as well as a lot of relevant information that a wheelchair tourist may have and with which they can plan and enjoy their trip through beautiful Slovenia. The app is designed to give visitors more time to explore the city and not waste hours and hours just to plan their trip.