The DigitALT Association is a non-profit organisation whose objectives include the following whose objectives are to energise Toledo society in the field of digital culture, crafts, entrepreneurship and digital culture, crafts, entrepreneurship and the arts applied to work with youth and applied to youth work and groups at risk of vulnerability. vulnerability.
Our proposal is to make of this project a public place that guarantees the access to and use of these technologies, bringing added value to the technological added value to the technological gap and improving human relations through shared through shared knowledge.
Our objective is the creation of a space managed by the Association
DigitALT Association that promotes citizen participation and responds to the needs of Toledo’s society, in particular, of the youngest.
The idea is to create a Neighbourhood Space that will serve as a support for a open project that allows to strengthen and consolidate the social, active, participative and supportive fabric of the population, participatory and supportive social fabric of the city’s population and, in the end, to promote social and cultural development.

Staff of Asociación digitalt. 4 women and three men sitting on a sofa, posing in front of a door that says "MediaLab Toledo".
The people who make up this project have been working for some years now on the generation of proposals aimed at a global development of citizenship, which is why a series of activities have been carried out, as summarised below: Creation of MediaLab Toledo as a container for activities, workshops and work to fulfil the objectives and goals of the The creation of MediaLab Toledo as a container for activities, workshops and work to fulfil the objectives and aims of the association. MediaLab Toledo is a citizen laboratory composed of a multipurpose room, a digital fabrication laboratory (FabLab) and a (FabLab) and a shared workspace. It was created with the to be the centre of creation, research, learning and technological development in Toledo, carrying out in development of Toledo, carrying out activities there, providing it with technical means and infrastructure. technical and infrastructural resources.
ANGEL FERNANDEZ MARIN, FROM ASOCIACIÓN DIGITALT. He is a man of about thirty-nine years old with short hair and a short beard.
Angel Fernández Marín


Ángel Fernández is a Journalist, technician in Audiovisual Production and specialist in Digital Marketing. After working for years in various Spanish media and private companies.
In 2017 he participated in the founding of MediaLab Toledo, as a technological space and citizen laboratory; work that he has combined working as a freelance Digital Marketing consultant.