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Efteling Theme Park: Amusement park. It is an amusement park with a lot of fairytales, waterattractions and ofcourse a lot of wild adrenalin attractions. All attractions are available for everybody. You need to have your own assistant. All attractions can be reached by an extra entrance to get in the attractions. For you and your assistant. Toilets, parking, entrance are adapted to the needs of people wit special needs.

  • Languaje Available: English, Dutch
  • Adaptability: 1- Reduced mobility, 2- Deaf/hard of hearing, 3- Visually impaired, 4- Deaf-Blind
  • Contents: Theme Park

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The Van Gogh Museum Van Gogh museum is committed to ensuring accessibility for all visitors. Visitors with disabilities enjoy priority access and access to a range of facilities available at the museum. The Van Gogh Museum makes the life and works of Vincent van Gogh accessible to all, including those with physical or sensory disabilities. We know that not all restrictions are visible. That's why anyone who can't navigate the museum independently can bring a companion for free. Don't forget to book your companion's free admission. You can book tickets online, along with your own admission ticket. Services The Van Gogh Museum actively strives to make the museum more accessible to visitors with physical or sensory disabilities. We cater to travelers who prefer to use mobility aids or who need the assistance of an interpreter or service dog. Learn more about our facilities: Visitors with mobility aids Deaf and hard of hearing visitors Visually and visually impaired visitors Sensory-sensitive visitors Wheelchairs , walkers and scooters weighing up to 500 kg are allowed in the museum. Alinkers are not allowed into the exhibition space for security reasons. The paintings in the museum are very sensitive to light. Light can cause pigment discoloration: some colors fade, others darken. The lighting in the museum is arranged so that the artwork is as minimally damaged as possible. Therefore, the lighting is not optimal for visually impaired visitors. We are working on improvements taking into account the sensitivity of the works. Inductive models Inductive models of the museum building are available near the information counter in the permanent collection wing of the museum (Rietveld building). The model includes all floors and walking routes. Floor plan with facilities in the Van Gogh Museum We have published a floor plan with information about our facilities. Pick up a copy at one of the museum's information points or download: Tactile map of the exhibit in Dutch Braille and a temporary tactile map of the floors of the permanent collection available available at the information point. Tickets and Guided Tours We recommend booking online in advance. Visitors who cannot navigate the museum independently are allowed to bring a companion for free. The companion ticket includes a free multimedia guide. You can book a free companion ticket online. Ticket booking Route description The Van Gogh Museum is located at Museumplein 6 in Amsterdam. The museum is easily accessible by public transport. From Amsterdam Central Station we recommend the following route: Take tram 2 (towards Nieuw Sloten) or tram 12 (towards the Station). These two trams depart from the West tram stop in front of Central Station. Get off the tram at Van Baerlestraat stop. Go up to the trench in the direction of the tramway. After about 100 meters, you will arrive at the paving warning. Cross the street on the right cross the tram line, then cross a zebra (both are about 6 meters long). On the other side of the road, the paved paved road stops after about...

  • Languaje Available: English, Italian, German, Slovenian, French, Portuguese, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanesse, Korean, Spanish, Dutch
  • Adaptability: 1- Reduced mobility, 2- Deaf/hard of hearing, 3- Visually impaired, 4- Deaf-Blind, 5- Learning difficulties
  • Contents:

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